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I am happy to have held your hand on that day, when you were that exact person.
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People so fake

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Lighters of the Vietnam War

my last name is fox, i love this

So much sass
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Lighters of the Vietnam War

my last name is fox, i love this

So much sass

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freshman advice: just dont show up

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13 things my uncle told me before he died:
not everyone has the blessing to understand sadness
when waiting at the bus stop, it’s okay to smoke cigarettes
never touch anyone else’s clothes at the laundromat
it’s okay to miss the people who were bullets to you
when your grandmother asks you how you are, be honest
never be afraid to say “no” even after you’ve said “yes”
if someone tells you graffiti isn’t art, prove them wrong
remember people by their eye color not their clothes
you’re allowed to like dark chocolate with tangerines
don’t lie that you don’t have a lighter when you really do
turn your phone off every once in a while and find the moon
if you want a tattoo, don’t let anyone tell you not to get it
if you ever find yourself at the graveyard, read the names

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wow I fucking loveeeee this

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“ANNA & EVE” PROJECT, 2005-2010, by Viktoria Sorochinski

Anna & Eve is a long-term narrative project that I started to work on in 2005.  This project (as well as most of my work) dwells in between fantasy and documentary.  Even though, all the scenes are staged, they reveal a real relationship of a mother and her daughter. Anna and Eve were particularly interesting to me, when I first met them in 2005, because the boundary between the child and the adult woman was blurred to an unusually high degree. Anna – the mother seemed at times more of a child than her 4 year-old daughter – Eve. It was often hard to tell who held the power and control between the two, and who was learning the essence of being a human in this world.

I was always interested in folk tales as a representation of common knowledge, and their influence on children’s perception of good and bad, and of morality. Therefore, in the beginning of the series I often applied to my photographs a frame of a myth or a folk tale. These photographs are not based on particular tales; rather, they are new myths that represent through phantasmagoric scenes my interpretation of the real relationship of this mother and daughter.

In the more recent works, however, I decided to blur the line between the fantasy and their real life to a much higher extent. The little girl becomes so much more aware of everything that is going on in her life. She makes her first steps into adulthood, but at the same time she is still a child who lives in her own world.”

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to quote hamlet act III scene iii line 92, “no”

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